How come that Melatonin should have an effect on parkinson desease - and in which way does it help?
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melatonin has proven itself useful for Parkinson patients in different ways.
In 2005 a research about tiredness and sleeplessness in Parkison patients came to the following result. Patients who took melatonin stated to be less tired during day-time and to have a much better sleep-quality during the night. Patients from the control group taking a placebo stated not to feel any effect.
On the other hand melatonin can surpass the encephalic barrier which is interesting for all degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinson. Being a very strong antioxidant and antiradical, it helps to prevent cell-damage.
But further research is still necessary, since we still don't know all the benefits of melatonin in case of Parkinson and other degenerative diseases.

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