I work at an airport and suffer from excessive stress and tiredness because of the shift work. Every day I have another shift on 24 hours basis. I try to sleep at least 6 or 7 hours a day, even if that means sleeping during strange hours of the day or having an interrupted sleep. I also show signs of deseases like prolactin and psoriasis. I would like to try melatonin... do you have any advice for me?
User: alice
The hormonal desyncronization is a common problem for persons doing shift work. It can give you the described problems and many more.
Melatonin is the only molecule which can restore, partially, a resyncornisation of your system. You should take melatonin always at around 10 and 12 p.m. If this makes you too sleepy in the days you so shift work at this hours, you should skip theses days and take the melatonin only the days you can sleep more regularly.
This should better your sleep in some way, but for sure it will help you with your psoriasis and prolactin.
In your case Key Melatonin Night (3mg) is the best product to chose.

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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