Is there a minimum age for melatonin? I would like to substitute Nopron for my 1,5 year orl son who suffers from insomnia. He sleeps through all the night with only 1ml of Nopron (instead of three). The problem is, that I can't buy Nopron anymore.
User: Steven
Melatonin resynchronizes the circadian rhythm. This is why the intake of melatonin in children may help to establish a correct circadian rhythm for good. This is why some pediatrician use melatonin instead of classic drugs to cure insomnia in children avoiding as well the many side-effects that such drugs might have.
In children a dose of 1mg-1,5mg of melatonin is sufficient. So please break one tablet into 2 or 3 pieces. Soon there will be also available Key Melatonin Light with 1mg of melatonin.


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