I'd like to purchase Melatonin - TIMED RELEASE.
Do you have available?
I use Circadin 2 mg, do you sell this one?
How much?

User: Angelica
Dear Angelica,
we don't sell time-released melatonin, because we believe that it's not very handy to use and could cause problems if you sleeping time varies from day to day. It's much better to use melatonin that will be assimilated as soon as you take it. So you can just take a tablet right before going to bed.
We don't sell Circadin since this is a medical product you can buy only in farmacies with a prescription.
To have 2mg of Melatonin you could take 2 tablets of 1mg Melatonin Light or half of a 3mg tablet Melatonin Night.
Best regards,

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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