1.Stomachpain by intaking of melatonine?
2.Hypothermia by intaking of melatonine?
3.Why be cautious when having autoimmune disorder or/and being depressed with the intake of melatonine?
4.I fell in sleep much better with melatonine. But why do I wake up to early and feel bad with or without melatonine?
User: sleep
Dear sleep,

1. You can't get stomach pain from taking pure melatonin (I can't answer for specific trademark other than our Key Melatonin)
2. Melatonin causes hypothermia at night in young women. With a rising age this is reduced
3. There are two "school": One says, there is no problem in taking melatonin if you have an autoimmune desease, the other says, that you shouldn't take it, because melatonin betters your immune response. So theoretically the autoimmune desease should worsen. However, we have many clients who take melatonin against an autoimmune desease (please consult your doctor prior taking it if you have an illness).
The effect of antidepressants is amplified by melatonin.
4. Melatonin helps you falling asleep, but once it is processed by your body, you will wake up. For how long have you tried melatonin? The longer you take it, the better you should feel the day after. But this effect is not immediate. You should give it 2-3 weeks. If you still feel bad, get back to me.

All the best,

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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