I take pills like Sertralin against depression and Alprox to help me to fall asleep.
I'd like to quit Alprox and take Melatonin instead of.
Is it a good idea ?
User: Arthur
Dear Arthur,

Sertralin is an SSRI and Alprox a benzodiazepine. First of all, it's always a big step to try to quit taking benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines in the long run can perpetuate the problems against which the person took them in the first place.

You chose the right time for starting the replacement. The sunshine in summer-time make you produce more serotonin, which is good for the mood and at the same time will be transformed in melatonin at night. So natural day-light in the end is a natural sleep aid.

Replacing Alprox, you should reduce 1/4 of your dose every week while taking melatonin (3mg if you are under 50 - 5mg if you are over 50). So every week you gradually reduce Alprox while taking one tablet of melatonin 15 minutes before going to bed.

If you need further info or just tell me how you are doing, just contact me again.


User: KeyMelatonin.com

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