I am taking 5HTP 80mg and THEANINE 50mg between 24h and 2h, for 60 days. Sleep 4-5 hours with interruptions. Next day, feel tired. To compensate the 'sleepless' previous night, I take every other day 3-5 drops of clonazepam to sleep for 6-7 hours. I am 62 years old, and after menopause I got palpitations and insomnia. Questions:
1. Can I continue taking theanine and 5HTP earlier (at 20h) and MELATONIN later (between 24h and 2h)?
2. Does 5HTP worse palpitations?
3. How melatonin affects serotonin?
4. Does Melatonin worse palpitations?
Thank you
User: rosa

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