Hi, I bought and paid for 2 boxes of Key Melatonin Night on June 7. I still haven´t received the boxes. Have you sent them?
User: Inger
If you confirm that you are writing from Sweden this is the shipping number

Inger ......
Totale: 36

User: KeyMelatonin.com
Yes, it is for Sweden. Will you please tell me when I will get them!!! Inger

User: Inger
I immediately need to know urgently if you are going to send me or if you will pay me my money back! Please respond to my mail: ingerholm62@hotmail.com. Inger

User: Inger
I have already sent CLA110740 the day 5/06/2017

User: KeyMelatonin.com
I haven´t received any. You use to be able to trace the parcel. I need the melatonin urgently! Inger

User: Inger

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