I am 62 years old, I sleep little and a very light sleep. I wake up frequently, I'm depressed lately and have osteoporosis in only my left arm. I have pain in my bones mostly in arms and legs since almost 2 months. I take omega 3. I made a break of almost 1 month and now I take Ginseng 1 x day for 10 days. What kind of melatonin should I take and which dose?
User: elvira
I think you would have benefits from the supplements melatonin Key Melatonin Defender. Your sleep will improve and melatonin has other benefits like combat osteoporosis. It has no contraindications with ginseng.
I recommend you start taking half a tablet at bedtime for 3-4 days and after that take the whole tablet.
Try to go to bed regularly between 10 and 12 pm every day. Of course the room should be as dark as possible. Please get back to me, when you tried this.

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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