Hello, there. Is it better to use one type of melatonin, or is it possible to change? for example: 1 month
use Key Melatonin Night, the other Key Melatonin Fluid or Key Melatonin Defender? Thanks.

Users: Elvyra ( 16/11/2017)



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Users: gaby ( 19/07/2017)

Hi, I bought and paid for 2 boxes of Key Melatonin Night on June 7. I still haven´t received the boxes. Have you sent them?
Users: Inger ( 15/06/2017)

Can Melatonin be safely used without any serious side effects as a sleeping aid for long periods. If so, for how long and in what dose? i am 84 yrs of age.I am taking 1.5mg for the last 3 months which works very well for me.I am asking this question for my information only though at my age any dose is acceptable as long as it works.
Users: bmiq ( 07/01/2017)

Can Melatonin be used for long period as a sleeping aid. If so, for how long and in what dose?
Users: bmiq ( 07/01/2017)

I can´t order on the schema, so I must say good bye!!
Users: Poul J. Willer ( 09/06/2016)

1. Why were melatonin forbidden ex in Denmark until 2009, and now only available via your doctor?
2. with problems falling asleep first and later in the middle of the night how much melatonin will then be suitable? K r. Poul J. Willer

Users: Poul Jonsen Willer ( 09/06/2016)


I want to be pregnant. And have a helty child. And make My egg quality better.
Is it something this can help me whid.

Users: Carina Wilsson ( 23/02/2016)

Whats the best melatonin to help me as I have Azheimer and wake up in the middle of the night - after 2/3 hours of sleep - and can't get to sleep again (only in the morning 7AM/9AM I sleep again).
Thank you

Users: abigail ( 17/02/2016)

I want to know why you charge double for your products? You have withdrawn the amount I have bought Melatonin Night for twice, but I haven't received My Melatonin.
Users: Mette Pabijan ( 04/01/2016)

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