Hello, my son is 21 and sometimes takes a one of my Key Melatonin Night. He says that the next day he feels really good. Can he take melatonin or would it be better if he didn't?
Thanks for the advice!
User: kathy
Young people should take melatonin only when there is medical urgency, since the body normally produces enough of its own melatonin.
It would be better if your son would run a good sleep hygiene. Melatonin production is inhibited mainly by too much light. So you should not sit at the computer late at night or look at the illuminated mobile display at night. Also, energy saving lamps have a very white light and can inhibit melatonin production. Talk to your son about sleep hygiene.
He can also try to take Key Melatonin Light (1 mg) at bedtime for a period of 2 weeks. After that, his rhythm should have stabilized the endogenous melatonin production should work properly again.
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