it's about a month that I take your product Key Melatonin Night. Now I have 3 questions:
For how long can I take melatonin? Is one possible side-effect insomnia?
In the long run: does it reduce the production of testosterone and does it reduce libido?
Thank you for your help.
User: max71
Dear max71,
it's possible to take melatonin over prolonged periods (some of our clients use it for over 10 years) since the best effects can be seen on the medium and long run in the prevention of deseases caused by oxidative stress.
Melatonin doesn't cause addiction. You don't keep on needing more and more of it and your body continues to produce it by itself, also when you stop taking it.
Melatonin doesn't have any effect on the testosterone production so it doesn't affect your libido in any way.
All the best,

User: KeyMelatonin.com

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