I am 62 years old, I sleep little and a very light sleep. I wake up frequently, I'm depressed lately and have osteoporosis in only my left arm. I have pain in my bones mostly in arms and legs since almost 2 months. I take omega 3. I made a break of almost 1 month and now I take Ginseng 1 x day for 10 days. What kind of melatonin should I take and which dose?
Users: elvira ( 21/06/2011)

Hi, I'm taking Key Melatonin Night for my insomnia and it is working very well. Now I would like to become pregnant. Do I have to stop taking melatonin?
Users: julia ( 20/06/2011)

Can I take melatonin togehter with homeopathic drugs?
Users: ( 19/06/2011)

Jag sover väldigt dåligt på nätterna med många uppvaknande får inte många timmars sömn.Känner mig trött ledsen o deppig.Är 51 år har inte haft mens på ett år o svettas som en tok.O före det hade jag mens kanske 2ggr/år.Hjälp mig innan jag blir tokig (tokigare).

Users: ( 12/06/2011)

Dear Sir,
Do you also sell "tobramicina desamitasone"? The pharmacy in Holland don't sell this, but I know that in Italy it is a well-known treatment. If it is in your list, please send me a message about it and how much the cost are.
thank you in advance,
Wilmar Huizing at Ede, Hollanda

Users: Wilmar Huizing ( 12/06/2011)

Hello I'm suffering from insomnia fot 6 months now. Northing helps. I'm put on Mirtazapine for sleep but this also doesnt always help plus I feel very bad the day after.
Ive tried 5htp and melatonine (normal and time release) before but it doesnt work, it made the insomnia worse.
Do you know what can help me? How much and at what time to take?

Users: s ( 06/06/2011)

Ik heb melatonin night gekocht omdat ik leid aan slaapeloosheid. Hoeveel en wanneer moet ik slikken om goed te kunnen slapen?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Users: susan ( 02/06/2011)

I wanted to know for how much time I should take melatonin and when I should take a pause.
Users: ( 20/05/2011)

Just wanted to let you know that I bought Key Melatonin Defender 4 weeks ago and I am taking it now for 3 weeks. My insomnia and my tiredness during daytime is gone and I'm so happy that I tried your product.
Thanks, tim

Users: tim45 ( 19/05/2011)

I bought your product and I wanted to know how and when I have to take it for the best results.
Users: carolyna ( 16/05/2011)

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