key melatonin night da dependenta?
Users: dana ( 12/03/2011)

I don't have any particular sleeping-problem, but I would like to take melatonin for its capacity to catch free radicals. Which one is the right melatonin for me?

Users: Melanie ( 11/03/2011)

I want to buy Melatonin, but I am not sure about which of them. I need it for my bad sleep and I choose between Light and Night. I guess Night is best for me, but I wonder why you are using so much Zinc Gluconate in it? Can't it be like an overdose? I take Zinc tablets every day, 15-30 mg, but I use Zinc picolinate because my stomach tolerate that one best. Is it to much if I use both this Zinc tablets and Melatonin night?

Users: Martin ( 10/03/2011)

Is it best to take melatonin every day or can someone take it on and off?
Users: Joan ( 08/03/2011)

Your answer to a recent question re:lack of sleep and parkinsons was to try taking 1.5 tablet (7.5mg)of melatonin. This, I am doing, but is it a safe dose to take for the long term?
Users: Norton ( 04/03/2011)

Hi: I am a 60 year old male. I am presently do not work outside the has been slow for approximately a year now. I used to be able to sleep at least 8 hours now if I get 2 hours I am lucky....this has been going on for approximately a week now. ( I am submitting this on behalf of my husband)
Users: ( 04/03/2011)

Hi, I'm 45 and some years I suffer from insomnia and cholesterol alto.Vi wanted to ask me which of your products and recommended dosage.

Users: Luca ( 03/03/2011)

Do I have to take melatonin always at the same hour or can it be taken at different times of the day?
Users: ( 03/03/2011)

Hello, it's now one week that I take Melatonin Fluid. At night I also drink very often some calming infusions with verbena. Does this have an effect on the effectiveness of melatonin?
Users: Ted ( 03/03/2011)

Your site recommends 5mg per night of melatonin for people of my age (64) and with parkinsons. However, my sleep at best is 3.5 hours and is sometimes less. Is 5mg too much for me personally in that it aggravates my condition or can I safely 'double' up or conversely lessen the dosage with benefit?
Users: Norton ( 01/03/2011)

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